BrandingBlog Radio: The Art Of The Offer with Craig Arthur

The terms of a sales offer and how you position it in the minds of customers is paramount to determining success. Craig Arthur, our Australian marketing expert, joins me this week for a look at a few examples where tweaking the offer has made a big difference in sales…sometimes in the very existence of the company.

We talk about the solar industry, auto sales, cell phones and give the example of how changing the offer in the early days made a difference in how Cabela’s grew from a kitchen table home-based biz to a multi-billion dollar retailer.

I didn’t get all the details of that very first Cabela’s offer exactly right because I was going from local folklore. I found an article that will give you even more depth if you’d like to read about it. It’s a great story.

I hope you enjoy this podcast. If you have any questions or would like to recommend guests, please do so in the comments.

3 thoughts on “BrandingBlog Radio: The Art Of The Offer with Craig Arthur

  1. Sarah Ripley

    Another great discussion guys… very informative.

    I think the appropriate analogy (and being men that you are, I think you will appreciate), of packaging relates to how a girl dresses herself up to go out and meet a man. If your objective is for a fling and bit of fun, then the dress is short, the top is low cut, the hair big and make-up intense. If you are looking for a husband, jeans, top and ponytail will do. That is, “you’re selling the end result.” (one-nighter or marriage)

    It all comes down to “packaging” for different needs and what different individuals will understand and eventually be attracted to 🙂

    Once again great job guys!


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