BrandingBlog Radio: On-Hold Messages with Chester Hull of ProsoundUSA

How do you treat your callers? Do you know what it’s like to be a customer calling in to your own business?

Chester Hull has been working in the on-hold message business since 1998 and he’s the expert that I send my clients to when they need a shot of phone magic. (disclaimer…I also helped build his web site AND Chester is a Wizard Academy graduate, so we tend to see eye-to-eye)

In this episode, Chester and I talk about a bunch of ways that business owners screw up good customer relationships by not providing a good phone experience. Some of the problems can be solved by training, some with good systems, but the key is to approach it the same way you would if you were designing your showroom, waiting room or office.

He’s got some great resources on his site…some paid, some free.

Here are a few ways that Prosound could help you:

Podcast note: I think the audio quality is getting better each time. Pretty good sound for an interview over Skype, eh?

2 thoughts on “BrandingBlog Radio: On-Hold Messages with Chester Hull of ProsoundUSA

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  2. Ken

    It is important to use good sound devices. As customer satisfaction is first motto of every businessman, relationship should be cordial with them.


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