BrandingBlog Radio: Hello Houston, it’s Charlie Moger

Charlie Moger is a Wizard of Ads Partner based in Houston. One thing that’s always impressed me about Charlie is that he either goes big or goes home. I don’t know if it’s a Texas thing, or just a byproduct of his upbringing. He’s accomplished a lot as a radio pro, an ad guy and for many years following the death of his wife, a single dad. He got himself married again a couple of weeks ago, and I can assure you that if he took the time to ramble for nearly an hour with me, the honeymoon’s over. (Just kidding Sandie)

I told Charlie that among other topics, I wanted to discuss the correct pronunciation of his name. We did manage to accomplish that one in the first few minutes of our recording…and then by the end, I said it wrong again.

I’ll be having Charlie back again soon to discuss how he is doing some pretty specialized video for his clients. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy just getting to know him.