BBBT – Seth Godin: on Bull Market

BrandingBlog: I appreciate the link and mention on your Bull Market ebook. Could you explain the concept behind it and how you envision people will use it?

fpi_09Seth Godin: WHAT: Bull Market is almost 500 pages of references to blogs and freelancers and consultants and agencies and people who can help you make a Purple Cow. It costs $21 (donation to charity) or you can get it for free from anyone that’s listed in it.

WHY: Because if a million people read it and use it, the world will get more interesting, people will have more fun, employees will reach their potential and the economy will start moving. That, and a million people will know about my new book ( and I’ll have created a remarkable (worth talking about) way to spread the word about my new book, for free, which is what the new book is about… the idea is always to use the ideas in the book to spread the idea of the book itself.

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  1. Scott Miller

    Seth, I’ve been following your tour because I’m curious as to how well it’s working. I’ve written about it on my blog as a possible guerrilla method for the game industry to try out.

    In your opinion, has the tour helped sell many of your book?

    From the number of comments I’ve seen along the tour stops, it doesn’t seem to have generated much discussion, so from this I’d guess a low impact on sales. But perhaps counting comments is a poor buzz indicator. How do you feel about the tour’s impact.

    And, if you don’t mind answering this question: How many books, of any you release, do you generally hope to sell? My guess is that 15,000 copies sold is a healthy figure to shoot for.

  2. seth godin

    Hi Scott.

    Thanks for following me around!

    Purple Cow has more than 100,000 copies in print.

    As for whether it’s working, if my goal is to interact with smart, cool people… YES!

    I have no idea about book sales, and that’s not actually my goal. It’s to spread the ideas.


  3. Steve Gill


    I too have been following your blog ‘bus tour’ around (feeling like a dead-head and you’re Jerry Garcia ), and just today received your book ‘Free Prize Inside’ from amazon.

    I’ve only gotten through a couple dozen pages and already it’s inspired me to not only get my blog (finally) online but is also enabling me to fine-tune the “free prize” aspects I’ve been envisioning for it.

    This blog tour and the Bull Market report are pure genius, and while I’d be happy to continue praising you and your book even more, I have to get back to reading it.. 😉

    Best of luck,

    -Steve Gill

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