Advertising, Like Paint

[Let me say: This is exactly the type of memo from Roy that I love. It mixes religion, politics, war and paint. You try that sometime. You’ve got to be about as crazy/genius as Tom Robbins to pull it off.]

Shrubsallcardmaster Today’s Memo from Roy H. Williams

“The thing that has been will be again.” And other 8-Word Answers.

People who try to stay "on the cutting edge" tend to see everything as new. But the thing that has been will be again. And that which currently is, has been, long before our time.

If this observation seems familiar to you, it’s probably because you remember it from a book written a few thousand years ago. Solomon went looking for the meaning of life and the essay he wrote about his journey, Ecclesiastes, opens with a similar observation about the cyclical nature of things.

I call such observations Laws of the Universe and I depend on them to make my clients rich. Sounds like a book title, doesn’t it? The Wizard’s Laws of the Universe? Perhaps I’ll write it someday.

Right now I’m looking at a business card I’ve been carrying in my wallet since late autumn, 2000; Pennie and I were in…

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