Weekend Video Assignment: Go Create Some Happy!

The human mind is uniquely adapted to projecting ourselves into experiences that we have not had…yet. We can read about a new recipe and imagine ourselves enjoying it. We can watch a video demonstration of an iPad and see ourselves indulging before the device is available. Science has proven that the mind has little difficulty in suspending disbelief about situations we are imagining. Jesus is even quoted as admonishing people that if they commit adultery in their mind, it is no different than committing the act in real life.

All good advertising works on helping people to see their situation after buying, using or consuming a product or service.

In this TED talk, Dan Gilbert discusses whether we can create happiness by imagining ourselves happy. The answer is yes. Yes, we can. Go do it.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Video Assignment: Go Create Some Happy!

  1. Lois Geller

    I love this “experience simulation”…and somehow have always wanted to be at a Ted Conference to experience this talk live.
    The frontal lobe of my brain can only imagine (vividly) how great it could be, and watching it here is not quite the same.


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