University Branding by Committee

FAUsealFlorida Atlantic University is getting branded. They’ve got feedback from 1,500 people and they are deciding on colors (red and blue) and mascots (keeping the owl) and this only took 16 focus groups and 200 opinions on ways to improve the colors and logos.

What’s missing in this story? Any mention of the quality of education or customer experience.

I checked out Florida Atlantic University’s web site and found their current slogan to be a bit weak: “One of Florida’s 11 Public Universities.” Now, that makes me want to request an application for my kids! Let’s hope that new owl mascot draws them in!


Good Grief! I don’t want to know why you’re the same as 10 other public universities! Tell me why you’re different if you want my attention.

[sorry to shout. I’ll try to keep my angst to myself.]

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