Two Nights in Phoenix

Coldthermometer_2 It was 4 degrees when we left home on Tuesday. I can understand why all of these smart old people winter in Phoenix.

Mrs. Brandingblog joined me on this trip and I can understand why.

Michele Miller and I met with a client on Wednesday for an annual marketing checkup.

We had two fabulous meals…Tuesday night at Michele and Ron‘s house where we also got some good playtime in with Pennie the Wonderdog.

Wednesday night found us at Durant’s in uptown Phoenix with my old buddy Vince, now with Gannett and the Arizona Republic. I love good food and catching up with good friends.

Durant’s is old school big city steakhouse. The entrance from the valet parking takes you right through the kitchen. Once inside, you kind of expect to look around and find Tony Soprano holding court in one of the bigger booths. Durant’s web site is awful. Maybe that’s another post in the making.

Waiting at PHX to head back to cold country. I sure feel stupid carrying around a parka in Arizona.

2 thoughts on “Two Nights in Phoenix

  1. Jay,

    You really went around Arizona carrying a parka? Oh what a bummer. But that;s not a reason not to enjoy the trip. The weather in Phoenix is wonderful, I hear. I guess you can always just charge it to experience.

  2. Dave Young

    Naw…I only carried it through the airport. The problem is, you need the parka when you get back to Denver and have to scrape the ice off of your car. Maybe I should just start using the valet parking at DIA, or better yet, get my own Gulfstream. Yes.


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