Tree Branding: Vote Yes! for Trees

Fh000003 My buddy Tim Miles sent me a link to this tree site. It’s clever. If you vote "yes" for trees between now and May 28, they’ll plant one for you.

The site has a very clever FAQ. All I can say is ‘amen’ to the part about Hackberry trees.

I hope they come plant all 5,000 trees where I live. We could use a few. This is the view of my drive to the airport.

Here’s the best part…it’s a viral initiative from Emma, the email marketing company.

If you want people to spread the word about your company, you have to do something worth sharing. Tim loves using Emma for his clients and had no problem sending a shout-out to some of his friends. There’s nothing in it for him.

There’s nothing in it for me, except for an opportunity to create a light-hearted Saturday morning post while I wait to catch a flight back home from Austin so I can drive on THAT road. If you’d like to read another road story, click the photo.

2 thoughts on “Tree Branding: Vote Yes! for Trees

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  2. Chris

    I really like the tree branding idea. With the hype of global warming and the CO2 emissions it is great to do something good for the environment.

    I hope the tree branding campaign is successful – and I applaud the person who designed this campaign. Bravo.



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