The Apprentice vs. American Hot Rod

I’ve been kicking back watching marathon editions of American Chopper and American Hot Rod on the Discovery Channel.  It got me thinking about those posers on The Apprentice.

I’d put Paul Teutuls Jr. of OCC or Charles Hutton of Coddington Hot Rods up against any of Donald’s wannabes any day.  They both show a great amount of coolness under insane pressure, are good teambuilders and natural leaders.  No MBAs or law degrees. No experience in marketing or administration, but they know how to get things done and get people to do things.

OK, commercial break’s over.  Let’s see if Boyd pops a blood vessel before the car is built.

3 thoughts on “The Apprentice vs. American Hot Rod

  1. Chris

    You’re right Dave. There’s more reality TV in those two shows than in all of the major networks so-called reality shows combined. The key – real people doing what they’ve done for years and doing it the way they’ve always done it. It’s intriguing because, unlike most of the other reality fare, these shows have a good dose of authenticity in the people.

  2. Randy (scoop custard)

    I sat for two days and watched both of these shows. I kept wondering if I should start a show called American Custard.I would stand around and yell at my kids about serving our customers better and faster and ask why thaey can’t get to work on time. Randy


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