Volvo Winter Test

Volvo_32_2 More coverage of this event will be soon be seen on Vince Bodiford’s The Weekend Drive, but I liked this photo, so here it is.

We participated in the Volvo Winter Test last week in Quebec City. Canadian Immigration let me in on the condition that I not write anything while in their country. What’s with that? I really like nearly every Canadian that I’ve ever met. However, the immigration officers I’ve encountered there were another story. Cute girls, but with the interrogation skills you’d expect to find in a socialist country…oh wait.

Change of subject:  I liked Quebec City. I like the Volvo V50. Yes, that’s a picture of me driving it on a frozen lake. I got to meet Anne Bélec, president-elect of Volvo of North America. She was out on the ice with us.

Also, Auberge St. Antoine. Wow.

2 thoughts on “Volvo Winter Test

  1. Marc Snyder

    Well, well, well… What do I find in my aggregator this morning? A mention from one of the blogs I read that the author was in Québec City.

    Guess where I’m based?


    Happy to see you had a nice time.


  2. Dave Young

    Thanks Marc. I loved Quebec. Problem is, I’m so ethnocentric that I don’t even know how to make an ‘e’ with that little Martin Short haircut thing on top.

    Stay warm.


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