Thanks for Stopping By!

Images1 TypePad told me they were going to do this a couple of weeks ago. You’d think I would have swept up the place a bit before company arrived. But, that’s not me.

So, have a look around. Let me know if you have any questions. If you want to read more of my writing, you’ll find some at:
And, I’ve been toying with another site for a few weeks. Should probably say "under construction", but what the heck, stop by anyway.

FREE OFFER: If you’re a business owner, and haven’t read "Waiting for Your Cat To Bark?" yet, drop me a line and I’ll send you a copy. Really. (limited supply). Just describe your business to me in an email.

7 thoughts on “Thanks for Stopping By!

  1. thatbaldguy

    I saw that a blog on branding was the featured blog on typepad as I raced by to check our blogs recent stats… thought, “Hmmm… I should check out what it has to say…” had no idea it was my good buddy Dave! Sweet!

  2. Renae

    Do you think the lessons in “Waiting for Your Cat to Bark” also apply to social marketing?

    I work in Southeast Alaska for a Native Health Consortium, and I am looking for better ways to reach the people who are pre-contemplative.



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