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Why We Blog

I’ve been in a blog slump lately. No explanation. No excuses. Just a commitment to start up the stream of blather again.

If you’re a business owner (and I know quite a few of you are) then along with your daily diet of reading blogs, you should be writing one. There are numerous reasons for doing so, and the excuse of being time-poor just won’t cut it if you’re serious about becoming a thought-leader in your business segment, which usually goes hand-in-hand with being a market-leader.

The Branding Blog is still less than a year old, and in my mind I’m still a small-market guy with the good fortune of being hooked up with some amazing people, my Wizard of Ads Partners and Roy and Pennie Williams.

So, why in blue blazes would people like Laura Ries, John Zagula, Seth Godin, Ankesh Kothari, John Winsor and a bunch of others be sending me books, news releases and articles?

Creating this blog and focusing on branding issues has been like staking a claim in a gold rush. You put down your stakes, file your claim, stumble across a nugget and next thing you know people refer to you as a gold miner. 

If you want to be known for something, why aren’t you doing something about it? Blogging is the easiest thing you could do to "get your name out."