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"Alexander Slept Here"

Midex2Branding Turkey. What a great story for the day after Thanksgiving. Oh wait. It’s the country, not the bird.

I think the suggestion to use Turkey’s history to craft a brand image is a good one.

However, you’ve also got to deal with past images of things like Midnight Express and the usual fears and worries of traveling to the middle east.

Make me feel safe and I’ll think about coming to Turkey and reliving your history.

(by the way, when did they start spelling whiz with two z’s?)

Link: ZAMAN DAILY NEWSPAPER (2004112614182).

Branding Through History

John Grant, one of the co-founders of St. Lukes, Great Britain’s advertising agency of the year, said that if Turkey wants to become a brand, it should use its history to achieve this.

Accepted as the "whizz kid" of the advertisement industry, Grant pointed out Turkey’s great history dating back to ancient times and said: "You have a very young population. If Turkey promotes itself on international platforms using its history, it will achieve its desire to become a brand."