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First Mental Image should draw you in!

I shot these pictures yesterday at Phoenix Skyharbor's modern Terminal 4.

It was such a striking difference between two ADJACENT food service outlets.

At any busy walk-by location your First Mental Image (FMI) is just about the only tool you have available to draw in customers. Your reputation will help with repeat business and word of mouth, but for a hungry traveler in a strange city you'd better be putting your best food/foot forward.

I didn't walk more than 5 steps to shoot these two pictures. Oaxaca is just to the left of Paradise Bakery. If you click on the images, you'll see a few observations about both places. If you didn't know anything about them, which one would draw you in?

Click on the images to see bigger, readable versions.

PHX-FOOD-1-oaxaca PHX-FOOD-2-paradise

Any other observations? What would you recommend to Oaxaca?