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PRO Convention in Portland

I_am_the_internet I just finished a week in Portland, Oregon delivering 5 presentations to the Photographic Research Organization’s convention. What a great group of dedicated retail store owners. I absolutely love the passion that locally-owned stores have for their customers. These folks get together each year for a very fast-paced meeting full of educational sessions, product information and a buying expo with all of the big manufacturers in the digital photography industry.

I gave presentations on Buying Word of Mouth, the Advertising Performance Equation, Persuasion Architecture and threw in a few fun tidbits as well like my Ad Budget Calculator.

I got a real kick out a TV campaign put together by Jerry Sullivan of Precision Camera in Austin. The ads cut to the heart of the challenge these people have in convincing us that they are the best places to buy today’s digital cameras. Have a look. The series of 5 TV spots spoof the "I’m a Mac" campaign. They’re all on YouTube.