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Boom Your Business March 4 & 5: 2-Day AUSTRALIAN Wizard of Ads Seminar

If you’re Australian, it’s a great excuse to get yourself to the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne. If you’re Canadian or American, there’s no better excuse to fly downunder as a business expense.

FIVE Wizard of Ads Partners, including your’s truly, are convening for a 2-day event in March.

For just under US$1,000, you’ll learn:

  • Signaling Theory Learn what biologists have known for the past three decades.
  • Business Problem Topology – How to create a revolutionary innovation model in your business.
  • Persuasion Architecture – Improve ROI on your website and business.
  • Web Blogs – What you have always wanted to know.
  • Online Video Introductions (OVI’s) – Your 24/7 online salesperson.
  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • How to Calculate an Ad Budget
  • The Most Common Mistakes in Marketing & Advertising
  • The Most Common Mistakes in Marketing to Women
  • How to Buy Word of Mouth
  • Neurology 101
  • Personal Experience Factor (PEF)
Please be aware each of these topics is normally a one to two day course in itself. As a sampler you will be given a sneak-peek into each.

Read more about it and register at our Wizard of Ads Australia site.