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In London's Piccadilly Circus, McDonalds' ad agency has created an LED sign that actually gets engagement from many of the 34 million people who pass by each year.

The sign is located so that you can pose in front of it and get a funny picture of yourself.

This is a great way for them to make sure their sign stands out and gets attention amidst the noise and clutter of such a busy place.

Check it out at Ads of The World.

What do you think? How else could you get people involved in your ads? Do you think this ad is effective for McDonald's?

2 thoughts on “Smart Outdoor Ad

  1. Bill Laidlaw

    I see it as engagement with Piccadily Circus itself or the technology of the LED sign not with McDonald’s brand. If I visited PC and had someone take a pic like those above and the shot turned into a digital-keeper it would go straight to photoshop and poof! the M would be gone. This might work for me if the brand had iconic colours that were subtly utilized in the background. Maybe with a retail outlet (same colours) very close by but not in the shot.

  2. Anand G

    This is a cool concept and has definitely created a buzz. But it has to be seen how much it will help McDonalds as a brand promotion technique.Of course, its true that many visitors may treat it as a souvenir. McDonalds have to make sure that apart from the fun element, the brand name should have prominence and should remain in the customer’s or the visitor’s minds.

    I think this concept serves the purpose as more of a buzz or a viral marketing.



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