Rex's Buffalo Wings

Rex Williams got burned. His eyes, nose, mouth and stomach were seared by some spicy chicken wings. It’s a great story and you should read it.

I feel as if I’ve been cheating. Writing stories on a new site and ignoring my poor neglected BrandingBlog. I’ve been involved in helping our Wizard of Ads group create a new work called American Small Business. We’ve also mirrored it on and

Like any new venture or multi-authored site, there is good and bad. The very cool thing is that you get to vote on what’s good and what’s bad. Enough bad votes and you save future readers from seeing a bad story. That’s right, we elected to allow our readers to eliminate content that they think is not worth reading.

You’re invited to come on over and see what it’s about. Be sure to read Rex’s Chicken Wings Story.

I’ll keep posting here too. See you around!

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