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Weekend Video Assignment: Think about what YOU can control!

After watching this video, you can start to understand the forces that can cause the stock markets to plunge to a depth that wipes out all of your earnings for the year. The simple fact is that you are not in control of money that you might have invested in the markets. We’ve turned it over to the machines.

I don’t mean to upset you for the weekend, but you might want to consider safer ways to hang on to your cashola.

What? The number one question from the NT character, Don Draper

Anyone who studies Myers-Briggs, would label Don Draper as an NT, the iNtuitive Thinker. He is a quick decision maker, following his intuition.

When he needs information, clarification, explanation, he falls back on his favorite question: What?

This is the question that cuts to the chase. He’s not asking why. He doesn’t care how. Who is immaterial.

Just the facts, ma’am.

Can you name any other characters that want to get right to the point?

Create a Company Culture…Start Now!


I'm not big on year-end resolutions, big plans and the like. But, I have to share a post from my friend Rich Christiansen.

I've written about Rich before. He wrote "Bootstrap Business" and is an SEO and Adwords expert.

In his latest post on the Bootstrap blog, Rich talks about his relationship with Ray Noorda, founder of Novell. It's a cool story about how one man formed a strong company culture by his own leadership through story, connection and love.

This is a list of qualities that Rich took away from Noorda's funeral…

  • Believe and trust in people.
  • We all have a responsibility in life. Be faithful to it.
  • Customers first, employees second, shareholders third.
  • Be unassuming.
  • Listen, especially with your heart.
  • Practice integrity.
  • Be loyal.
  • Be true to your own core beliefs, but recognize the need to compromise within parameters that don’t violate those beliefs.
  • Respect the individual, not the title.
  • Marriage is ordained of God, and is your first priority in life.
  • Practice fiscal responsibility.
  • Take care of your health.
  • Willingly forgive others’ mistakes and shortcomings.
  • Retain your dignity, no matter the circumstances.
  • Give something back.

Be sure to go read the entire story on the Bootstrap Business Blog.

Have a Happy New Year!