Practical mom-mobiles still hard to find

Ok, this one really belongs on Michele’s blog, but I couldn’t resist. A story about designing cars not just for women, but specifically for moms. Personally, as a dad, I like some of these ideas myself. Here’s my favorite.

Dream: A soundproof window like the one in limousines that could be rolled up and down to silence the sounds of squabbling kids, or just their bad music. Reality: ”Ah, the Cone of Silence. That one has come up in any minivan research that we’ve ever done. In the last five years, we’ve had some family vehicles with dual-zone sound controls. That’s a first step toward what ultimately will be individual sound zones. Everyone would have their own audiovisual sound, or your music sound, or your own noise cancellation. The reason you don’t get a roll-up window is because it conflicts with walk-throughability.” ETA: ”They will eventually happen because they’re such a good idea.”

Salt Lake Tribune – Business

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