Oh Canada!

FlagTo my good friends in Canada,

Are you irritated by the headlines today regarding the out-sourcing of those little flag pins handed out by your MP’s and senators? It seems to have caused quite an uproar.

I’ve got a great idea for you. We all know how politicians love getting their picture taken with babies. Just have your Public Works Minister buy "Born in Canada" hats for them to give away instead of Chinese-made flag pins.

I think MP Charlie Angus (pictured above) would look terrific holding a baby decorated in the red Maple Leaf. He’d get a lot more mileage from this than handing out lapel pins.

Bicbaby In fact, even if you can’t get your government to buy all Canadian-born babies a new hat, you should buy something yourself for the next little citizen who shows up in your nearest maternity ward.

I am assured by Dean Barreca, one of my good Canadian friends and owner of Born In Canada, that these items are manufactured in Canada by and for Canadians. High quality, reasonable cost. (oh, and Dean may be Canadian, but he’s an equal opportunity entrepreneur. You are also welcome to shop at his fledgling Born in USA site.)


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