Milk Carton Ads: Not Just for Missing Kids Anymore

Milkjugadbounty My daughter was laughing as she ate her breakfast. It was this sticker on the milk jug. It’s a fun ad and a great tie-in.

2 thoughts on “Milk Carton Ads: Not Just for Missing Kids Anymore

  1. Jay, writer

    There’s opportunity in everything. While missing kids have been a staple in milk cartons, there is no reason why they should be limited to that. People who have the insight to break into something old turn out to create something new.

  2. NewsAnchorMom

    I told my son the other day we needed to take the van in to the shop. He said, mom maybe we should switch to Geiko. My husband just looks at me. He works for AAA auto club group.
    I think someone is watching too much T.V.


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