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Ad Targeting for Beautiful People

Remember Sarah Ripley, the future of marketing?

She emailed me a link to this TaB commercial from the olden days (well, the ’80s).
Her observation was that with only a jingle, the commercial was very simple. No voiceover, no copy, no actors reading lines. Couldn’t be easier.

I was curious about another thing.

After I watched the ad, the jingle was stuck in my head. Don’t you just hate that?

“TaB cola has a beautiful taste
So good for beautiful people
TaB cola beautiful to you and me
‘Cause every can has less than two calories
TaB cola helps a beautiful shape
Just right for beautiful people
TaB cola tastes so good to you
Great taste low calorie TaB”

The line that stuck with me was “So good for beautiful people” and again near the end, “Just right for beautiful people.”

I got to thinking about it. You could never say that in spoken copy without sounding like a total jackass. “Enjoy TaB, the preferred drink of beautiful people.”

How strange that you can sing it, and slip it right past the judgmental left brain. Huh.

A good jingle can be very powerful. Because music is processed by the right hemisphere of the brain, you can take in a message and remember quite disturbing thoughts if you do so in lyrics. Think about songs such as the MASH Theme, Mack the Knife and any country song about adultery.

So, it was actually quite brilliant of TaB to slip in an unspoken message through song rather than announcer voiceover.

Can you think of any other jingles that do this to us?

BrandingBlog Radio Episode 02: Craig Arthur and Wizard of Ads Australia

L ro R: Dave Young, Mystery Woman and Craig Arthur, Halloween 2007

Craig Arthur and I have been working together for almost 10 years. He was the very first Wizard of Ads Partner brought on by Roy Williams. It’s always fun catching up with Craig.

This photo was taken during Michele Miller’s Wonderbranding Class at Wizard Academy in Austin. It just so happened that the class was on Halloween, so we took a field trip to a costume shop. I was dressed as a priest and Craig was dressed as Neo from The Matrix. I know the identity of the mystery woman in the picture (No….it isn’t Michele) but I’ll let her identify herself in the comments if she wants to. This is the class that we were promoting in our Wonderbranding Podcast from 2007.

Note: There’s a strange audio glitch about 14 minutes in. It only lasts about 30 seconds. I think it may be iPhone interference. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

In case you can’t understand the garbled part, we were talking about Craig’s book, “Making Ads Work” and how quite a few media companies were asking him to teach the content. He ended up turning it into a 3-hour workshop and traveling around Australia teaching it to business owners on behalf of a media company for 2 years.

Show links:

Download Craig Arthur’s book, Making Ads Work

Download my own crappy little book, Why We Blog (grab the free PDF download)