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Michele Miller nearly always posts things faster than I can type them. So, I’m taking the easy route on this one.  100% Plagiarism. Don’t bother reading it on Michele’s most excellent WonderBranding blog (even though you’ve probably ALREADY read it), because here it is reproduced in its entirety. Without permission. If she wants to sue me, so be it. I even know of a good lawyer who blogs. She’d probably hire him.

Thomas_jpeg_1 I travel to Austin on a regular basis for Wizard of Ads business.  It might be for client meetings, partner think tanks, or the Wizard Academy.  More often than not, one of the participants is partner Thomas Tucker – webmaster for the Wizard of Ads sites and owner of Hover Studios web design firm.  He can usually be found at the back of the room, quietly (and deceptively) absorbing all that is going on.  Just when you’ve forgotten he’s back there, he’ll pop up with a comment or solution to a problem that leaves you smiling and shaking your head in wonder.

Thomas announced today that he’s taking the Wizard of Ads philosophy — give away your expertise and it will reward you tenfold — and applying it to Hover Studios.  If you’re interested in getting a free website, check this out.

As Thomas puts it:

Desperately need a new start to your online presence but can’t foot the bill? That’s ok with us!

Starting in 2005, Hover Studios will be giving away a free standard website development, built off of our one-of-a-kind Control Panel technology, to a random Newsletter recipient, every other moth.That’s six chances to win per year! January’s winner has been chosen! Are you registered for the March giveaway?

Sign up, read some great advice, and get a free site worth more than $7.000.00. What all does this site include? Check out our winner for January, Mr. Matt Jones at! Matthew wanted a design that looked similar to our Hover Studios site, and we were happy to oblige. Congratulations on your new site, Matthew!

Thomas knows that planting the seeds of wisdom and knowledge for others is the first step toward building relationships with customers.  He considers it an honor each time someone asks his advice and he genuinely wants to help those who are just getting started.  After all… once those people grow a little, have money to spend, and need more expertise, who are they gonna call?

Thomas says, "Massive respect will come with time, and then will come massive money.  For now, let us be teachers of men and good friends to each other."

I say, Isn’t this the guy you want building your website?

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