Content, Content, Content

I attended a wake the other night.

The priest read a poem from an old card found in the home of the deceased. I don't remember the exact line, or words of the poem. What caught my attention was when the priest mispronounced the word "content" in the verse, without skipping a beat.

The writer of the verse meant to use the word "content" as in, satisfied…my soul is content. The priest said "content" like a web marketer.

I don't know what it all means. It reminded me of the Louis CK video that has made the rounds lately.

In case you haven't seen it…

1 thought on “Content, Content, Content

  1. rob, BtG

    emphasis is everything, as is knowing your material!

    reminds me of the lousy film- CLOSER… as in get closer to me or, he’s a great sales closer !!??


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