"The Breakup" the Sequel: "Inspiration Anyone?"

About a year ago, Microsoft Advertising released a video called "The Breakup." It’s a great statement about the disconnect between advertisers and consumers. Now, a year later, they’ve produced a nice sequel. Again, deep irony regarding the fact that the advertiser just doesn’t get it.

The video is designed to get people to a Microsoft web site called getinspiredhere.net, a brand new blog that promises to build a community of marketers, designers and developers. There’s not much there yet, but it’s likely worth watching to see how they progress…or they could just become another piece of the irony.

4 thoughts on “"The Breakup" the Sequel: "Inspiration Anyone?"

  1. Dave Young

    Nice job on the films. I saw the first one last fall and had no idea it was a Microsoft project. But, I loved the message.

    One of my favorite lines from the sequel is in the first 15 seconds when the CEO arrives late and blames his assistant for not reminding him to check his email. Such a Dilbert moment.

  2. Michele Miller

    Thanks for sharing this, Dave. You know how much I loved the first one. This one is inspsired… and a little scary cuz of how close it is to reality. Guess that’s what makes it the best!

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