BrandingBlog Radio: Zig Zag Principle with author Rich Christiansen

This week I had a chance to catch up with my friend, Rich Christiansen. Rich is one of those guys who just can’t sit still without building a business. McGraw-Hill is publishing his latest book on business building and business growth strategies. It’s called The Zig Zag Principle and it’s coming out on October 4, 2011. What I really like about Rich’s books is that he bases everything on strategies that he uses every day. You won’t find un-tested academic theories, just great advice on what actually works to build a business.

Pre-order it by going to The Zig Zag Principle web site.

6 thoughts on “BrandingBlog Radio: Zig Zag Principle with author Rich Christiansen

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    I am currently looking for marketing books to try to study up on what I should be doing next. I’ll read some reviews of this one and will have a dig through your blog.


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  3. Regine Wilber

    Thanks for yet another entertaining episode! I found the book outline intriguing if not a bit contrived. Of course there are many examples where someone can success by going in a straight line! What about the fastest man in the world? He didn’t run zig zag! Or think about darts, hitting the bulls eye, not really if you are edging your way towards the target.

    I guess it really depends on your angle and since every book needs one this is an interesting analogy – it just seemed a little extreme to imply you have to zig and zag to succeed…

    Perhaps reading it will explain the theory in more relevant detail, sorry, this just jumped at me when listening to the podcast.

    Can’t wait for the next edition!

    1. Dave Young Post author

      Ah, you’ll never see the work that went into being the fastest or hitting the bulls eye if all you examine is the end result. Of course, there are exceptions, but I think you’ll probably find that in the case of building a business, the exception is likely to be when someone just invents something that everyone needs and wants. But, inventors seldom have a straight line to follow.

  4. Regine Wilber

    Thanks for your response… I believe in business one aspect is that if you decide what your goal is (and I think it is something you covered in your interview) and you are just putting on your blinders and heading straight there, you may find that by the time you arrive there, the goal has moved because the market has shifted, the consumer has changed or you yourself have.

    Bert Brecht, a German author, wrote: ‘Someone that had not met Mr. K. in a long time, greeted him with the words: “You have not changed at all.” “Oh!” Mr. K. said, and turned pale.’

    Life and business are all about changing, adapting or leaping ahead in a fresh directions. I guess if you ignore the ‘straight line’ activity (of a 100m runner or a darts player etc) and examine how they actually trained etc you’d find the zig zag again.

    Lovely thought on the exceptions. Inventors. If it wasn’t for the patent laws, they may have a chance!

    I am getting more convinced by the minute!
    Thanks again…


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