BrandingBlog Radio: The Future of Marketing IS Sarah Ripley

I have seen the Future of Marketing and her name is Sarah Ripley.

Craig Arthur brought her on board our Australia group because Sarah is a natural-born networker and a talented and intuitive marketing professional.

I got up early in the morning and she stayed up late at night so that we could talk about her experiences at “Uni” in marketing courses and how the real world isn’t much like the picture they paint in college classrooms.

I had one of my goofy quips all lined up and then forgot to use it. I was going to tell her that I’m a big fan of her museums. Maybe next time…because I’m sure she’s never heard that one before.

4 thoughts on “BrandingBlog Radio: The Future of Marketing IS Sarah Ripley

  1. Roy H. Williams

    Sarah is remarkably poised for “twenty-three and a half” years old. We’re glad to have her as a partner. Thanks, Dave, for letting us get to know her a bit better. As you well know, Wizard of Ads Australia Director Craig Arthur is notorious for adding new partners very slowly and cautiously, so it was quite a big thing when Sarah was added to his team in Australia. We’re all looking forward to meeting her for the first time at the partner meeting in February.

  2. Cory Vance

    Great interview, Dave! Your interview techniques are getting better with every one, but more importantly, the content was excellent. Very helpful, and cheerfully presented – an easy listen. Thanks for doing these and for choosing Sarah for this week’s interview.

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