Branding Nova Scotia: I can help!

They want to brand Nova Scotia and they’re willing to spare no expense.

The Hamm government plans to spend more than $1 million over the next two years finding out how Nova Scotia can best sell itself.

The province will hire a marketing agency this spring to deliver on last year’s election campaign promise of a Brand Nova Scotia initiative.

“Essentially it is branding the province and making sure we’re putting our best foot forward when we’re marketing ourselves abroad and talking about ourselves in Nova Scotia,” said Michele McKinnon, spokeswoman for the Office of Economic Development.

The office wants the marketing agency to start in May on a 23-month contract. The cost would be about $700,000 per year and more than $1.3 million over the length of the contract.

Ms. McKinnon said the agency will develop a strategy that could include a logo, media advertising and whatever other elements could help market the province.
(story from the Halifax Herald Limited)

Attention Nova Scotia: I can save you a lot of money. Just send 6 airline tickets to me along with two month’s worth of hotel and tour vouchers. My family and I will come and explore all of your nooks and crannies this summer and write you a fine strategic report on how to “brand” yourselves.

It will go something like this: Spend most of your money on media and message. You can’t “brand” a country, province, state or city to be all things (tourism, industry, resources) to all people. Have these individual entities choose what they want to become known for and then set out to drive their own point home. You’ve already got a very nice web presence for tourism and development. The highest and best use of your money is to bring it to the attention of people.

BTW, I’m serious about the airline tickets. I’m sure we could “get by” on about $100k for the summer. You’ll be heroes for “saving” $900k. Think about it.

1 thought on “Branding Nova Scotia: I can help!

  1. Ms. Munroe

    Hello Mr. Young. Sounds like you have got your marketing cap on! I agree with you, advertising the right aspects of Nova Scotia is important. We should be emphasizing the intangible avenues of Nova Scotia to complement what we can already see in beautiful Nova Scotia.
    Making ourselves known to the rest of the country let alone, the rest of the world is a must! I want a go at this challenge! We could make a good team!


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