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When I read that BMW is leaving "branded entertainment", I was tempted to launch into a rant about the entire subject. I decided instead to write something glib and pithy. (Just like me, isn’t it?) Here it is: It’s about relevance…saliency. You either get it or you don’t. I don’t think they got it.

As I scanned to the end of the article, I found the pull quote. It defines why I don’t and won’t work for big companies either as an employee or a consultant. One or two levels of lateral approval usually enhance an innovation, but multiple levels of vertical approval usually pound it into a flat, road-kill shaped idea that nobody wants to embrace (or step in).

The Hire series was a U.S.-only marketing program, created by Fallon and approved by Mr. McDowell. But once that program won rave reviews and accolades, the carmaker’s parent, Germany’s BMW AG, took control.

“Munich got involved and it became a bureaucratic nightmare,” one executive close to the matter said. “The more levels of approval you have for innovative ideas, the more likely you won’t get those ideas approved.”


3 thoughts on “Beemer News

  1. Chris

    Bureaucracy probably is the number one reason for the avalanche of ineffective ads racing across all media in a headlong surge to the bottom of the mountain of relevance, or saliency as you put it.

    A bureaucracy will never “get it” because a bureaucracy simply cannot “get it”. By nature, a bureaucracy’s passion for self preservation will always stifle break out ideas and the employees insolent enough to offer them.

  2. Dave Young

    Hi Dave…Dave here.
    I read your portfolio…sheesh what an overachiever! (And I mean that in the nicest possible way)

    Just remember that I’ve had the name longer than you (got it from my dad…Dave Young) and I will likely take credit for any worthwhile accomplishments you achieve…if I can get away with it.

    Thanks for dropping by. Let’s get together at the Dave S. Young convention. I’ll be wearing the nametag…never mind, that won’t work.

    Keep up the good work. You’re making us both look good!


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