Another Tale from the Men's Room

Ice_creamWith all due apologies to the folks who didn’t like the post about Cabela’s restroom, I’ve got another one.

This time I’m at Denver International Airport, concourse B, just returned from Winnipeg. I go into the men’s room and following the Guy Code, take care of business with eyes straight ahead, no conversation…the usual. No flushing, because it’s automatic. (BTW…the automatic flush toilet was invented at the old Stapleton airport in Denver…betcha didn’t know that! Yes, I’m Cliff Claven.)

On my way out, I notice a guy who is taking care of business just like everyone else, only he’s holding an ice cream cone at shoulder height in his left hand. I almost broke the code of silence by laughing out loud. I didn’t stick around long enough to see how he managed to get things put away…let alone wash his hands.

So, what’s the marketing message here? Having just graduated from WonderBranding, it got me thinking about the differences between men and women. I can’t imagine my wife or any other woman simply ignoring this act. They would spring into action just like a mom and tell this guy how disgusting he is. I also can’t imagine a man in that restroom doing anything besides laughing.

Anybody that thinks the same marketing strategy will work for both men and women is just not thinking clearly. In fact, one of my thoughts was, "That must be damn good ice cream. I wonder where he got it?" Of course, men don’t know what goes on in the ladies room either. For all we know there are little ice cream cone holders on the back of every stall door.  Hmmm. I doubt it.

Now, a bonus laugh. WARNING: if you find the idea of ice cream in the bathroom to be just plain gross, then for the love of all things sanitary, don’t click on this link to see a pretty darn funny cartoon. Download snowcone.jpg

8 thoughts on “Another Tale from the Men's Room

  1. Stefan Engeseth

    Fun story. It is the same think in elevators. The code for elevators could be on the inside of the doors… and have some fun message about the house ore apartment to rent in the house…

  2. Wendy

    Interesting indeed. I have seen restrooms with drink holders, but I haven’t found ice cream holders yet. Maybe this will be the motivation.

  3. Ethan Giffin

    OMG!!! I can’t believe this happened to someone else! I was driving from Tennessee to Maryland up I-81 over Christmas. Stopped for a little lunch at Dairy Queen and had to go… BAD. Unfortunately is was a single room. Low and behold a man walks out (smell following) licking an ice cream cone. Chocolate too!


  4. Dave Young

    FYI…Since no one mentioned it, out of the gazillions of images of ice cream cones at my disposal on Google, I chose this image for the illustration based on the color of the “fireworks” as they splash the cone. Just in case anyone missed it.


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