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The rape of the stockholders continues…

At Wizard of Ads, we generally CHOOSE to work with owner-operated companies. If the owner of the company makes $20 million a year, no problem. The company belongs to the owner of the company.

Every time I’m contacted by a large publicly-traded company, I try to remember this. The temptation certainly exists to brag about doing work for XYZ Consolidated Global Industries, Inc., but I know I would live to regret it.

First of all, there’s simply very few ways to build a solid, long-term relationship with a public company short of nepotism or good-ol-boy shenanigans.

And, the raping of the shareholders (and I chose that word carefully) just makes me sick.

Head on over to Michelle Leder’s Footnoted blog to read about what she uncovers digging around in the SEC filings of some of our biggest corporate citizens.

I have no interest in helping so many of these people steal from the pensioners and retirees who own shares in the companies that these executives are legally sacking.

Give me a small-business owner with a big dream. That’s who I want to help.


Adrants: Dan Wieden Tells Ad Student to Get Naked

I think Forrest Gump got it right. “Stupid is as stupid does.”

This year, he’s asked one student to strip down and go streaking, asked another straight student to convince his parents he’s gay and asked yet another to create a commotion in a mall just to attract a crowd.

So let’s get this straight. He’s asked a student to break the law. Another, to lie. And another to make a fool of himself. Gee, sounds a lot like advertising. And it’s all under the guise of building character, overcoming fears and preparing for the challenges one might face in business.

Adrants: Dan Wieden Tells Ad Student to Get Naked

A Great Story for Memorial Day from Scoble

I know I said that I wasn’t blogging for the weekend, but I’ve been trying to catch up on reading other blogs and up pops this Scoble post in Pluck. I always try to thank veterans when I have a chance. Robert Scoble did the right thing by asking for this veteran’s story. Thanks for the post Robert and thanks for the sacrifice Eddie.
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