Thank you San Pellegrino! Pop-can innovation

Aranciata At our recent Book Publishing event in San Francisco, I went out during a break to grab a beverage and found this can of orange soda. What grabbed my attention first, was the extra foil seal on the top of the can. I don't know about you, but where I live it's hard to find a can of pop (yes, I live where we call it pop) that isn't covered in dirt from 100-mile cross-country ride in the back of a truck. Gross. Always gross.

So, the foil lid caught my attention. It was such a great idea that I didn't even open the can for awhile. I thought about keeping it. Yet, my thirst got the better of me. I snapped this blurry picture with my iPhone and then opened it and consumed its citrus goodness. BTW…best orange soda I've ever had. Thank you SanPellegrino.

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