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BrandingBlog Radio: Hello Houston, it’s Charlie Moger

Charlie Moger is a Wizard of Ads Partner based in Houston. One thing that’s always impressed me about Charlie is that he either goes big or goes home. I don’t know if it’s a Texas thing, or just a byproduct of his upbringing. He’s accomplished a lot as a radio pro, an ad guy and for many years following the death of his wife, a single dad. He got himself married again a couple of weeks ago, and I can assure you that if he took the time to ramble for nearly an hour with me, the honeymoon’s over. (Just kidding Sandie)

I told Charlie that among other topics, I wanted to discuss the correct pronunciation of his name. We did manage to accomplish that one in the first few minutes of our recording…and then by the end, I said it wrong again.

I’ll be having Charlie back again soon to discuss how he is doing some pretty specialized video for his clients. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy just getting to know him.

BrandingBlog Radio: Jean Carpenter-Backus on Financial Spooning

Jean Carpenter-Backus is gaining fame through her moniker “The Naked Accountant.”

I interviewed Jean on a beautiful Friday morning in Austin, TX out on the plaza at Engelbrecht House, the student dorm at Wizard Academy.

We talked about how she found Wizard Academy, her unique classes and her plans for new books and some ideas for preventing embezzlement in a small business.

Jean has led a most extraordinary life. We don’t go too deep into the back story in this interview because the Austin American Statesman recently did a lengthy biographical sketch. I encourage you to read it.

I hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as I enjoyed interviewing Jean.


Article about Jean in the Austin American Statesman

Jean’s web site

Wizard Academy’s Money and Cool Chicks

BrandingBlog Radio: Anna Cummins and The Evil Wiener

I had a blast recording this week’s episode. The Evil Wiener is a mobile food truck business in Austin, started by Anna and Jeff Cummins and their partner Roger Zapata. Jeff and Roger have impressive professional foodie credentials. The idea for The Evil Wiener was hatched (as you probably guessed) over a few beers one evening. Anna had no choice but to sign on as den-mother and Chief Marketing Officer.

The double entendres flow freely in this interview and also through the menu and the cult following that the Wiener has developed in just a few short months of operation.

They’ve already been featured in a segment on The Food Network’s Eat Street and they are winning new accolades and followers every day.

We talked mainly about how they built the business from conception to launch. I hope you enjoy it and that you get a chuckle out of the humor.

“I can’t wait to come to Austin and get my hands on a Naked Cowgirl.”
-Dave Young

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