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Soundbites: Personal Experience Factor

Chris: Welcome to BrandingBlog SoundBites. I’m Chris Loghry along with Dave Young from and a Wizard of Ads Partner. We’ve talked about several things. We’ve included the Ad Budget Calculator in a couple of the podcasts. You can always go back to that and check that out online. There’s a link to that on the podcast. Today we want to touch on the topic of the power of personal experience. Hello Dave.

Dave: Hi Chris. Personal experience, it’s a big deal in any retail store.

Chris: Now are we talking about the customer? Are you talking about the retailer themselves? Which angle are we taking here? Continue reading

Soundbites: The Myth of Reach

Chris: Welcome to BrandingBlog SoundBites. Dave Young is with us again from Dave is also a Wizard of Ads partner. Last time, Dave, we talked about the Ad Budget Calculator, which is a free tool that folks can use online to calculate an ad budget. Now you wanted to take it kind of to the next step, I suppose, and talk about the “myth of reach.”

Dave: The “myth of reach, it just sounds mythical, doesn’t it?

Chris: To start with, yes. What is the myth?

Dave: Well, the myth is that most advertisers, (it’s a big mistake advertisers make), they buy more reach than they can afford.

Chris: Okay. Stop right there and explain to me what you mean by “reach”? What are we talking about? Continue reading

SoundBites: How To Calculate An Ad Budget

BrandingBlog SoundBites is a new podcast. In contrast to my rambling weekly talk-show format, these are concise topics that will average about 10-minutes. I’m using the Shortcut Blogging method. I hope you find them useful. Please let me know.

A full transcript follows…

Our first Soundbite is a lesson in how to set an ad budget

Chris: Welcome to Branding Blog SoundBites, we’re with Dave Young from and a Wizard of Ads Partner.

Dave: Hi, Chris.

Chris: How are you doing?
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