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Boring but Valuable Formula #117: Repetition and Results

Wonkus [Following the rabbit hole from today’s Monday Morning Memo, will lead you to this fine piece of Wizardly Wisdom. We teach this to our clients, and this week Roy Williams shares it with all who follow the rabbit.  -Dave]

By Roy H. Williams

It’s a question asked by business owners in every town, village and hamlet. It’s asked by the cautious, the anxious, and the wise. It’s asked of every newspaper, television and radio rep.

“How many ads will I have to run before I begin seeing results?”

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Monday Morning Memo: Customer Profiles


By Roy H. Williams (go to to listen to this memo.)

I’ve never seen a business fail due to reaching the wrong people. But if you listen to advertising sales reps, “reaching the right people” will solve all your problems.

And guess who has exactly the right people for you?

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Monday Morning Memo: Archetypal Patterns, Parts II and III

Two weeks ago, Roy Williams sent out Part I of a series on Archetypal Patterns.

Last week was Part II. Today, comes Part III.  For small business owners, these are mandatory reading.

I’m going to send you on an adventure. Read them both, but read them on his site. Be sure to follow the rabbit down the hole by clicking on the images in the memo. Keep clicking on images until you get to the bottom of the hole.

Warning: Don’t follow the rabbit hole unless you have a few spare minutes to play in the woods.