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BrandingBlog Radio: Using Rituals to Generate Word of Mouth

In this episode, Craig Arthur and I discuss how businesses can use ritual to make their customers feel like “insiders” which will make them more apt to talk about the business to others. This is a form of kinetic Word of Mouth.

At the beginning of the podcast, we discuss Sarah Ripley’s article “Where DIDN’T you hear about us?” from the Wizard Chronicles.

I love riffing with Craig. This conversation is a great example of why I’m podcasting. I’ve had many dozens of calls like this over the years with Craig. We finally got smart enough to record them. Enjoy.

Follow up to Speak to The Dog Post…

My buddy and business partner Jeff Sexton just sent this video produced by the Alamo Draft House in Austin.

Another great example of Speaking to The Dog (your customer) in the language of The Dog (shared experiences in theaters) about what’s important to The Dog (NOT texting in the theater).

A great example of when to use customer testimonials (or anti-testimonials) in their raw, unscripted form.

Warning….the video is uncensored….turn your speakers down if you’re listening in a cubicle or a daycare facility.