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Soundbites: The Myth of Reach

Chris: Welcome to BrandingBlog SoundBites. Dave Young is with us again from Dave is also a Wizard of Ads partner. Last time, Dave, we talked about the Ad Budget Calculator, which is a free tool that folks can use online to calculate an ad budget. Now you wanted to take it kind of to the next step, I suppose, and talk about the “myth of reach.”

Dave: The “myth of reach, it just sounds mythical, doesn’t it?

Chris: To start with, yes. What is the myth?

Dave: Well, the myth is that most advertisers, (it’s a big mistake advertisers make), they buy more reach than they can afford.

Chris: Okay. Stop right there and explain to me what you mean by “reach”? What are we talking about? Continue reading

SoundBites: How To Calculate An Ad Budget

BrandingBlog SoundBites is a new podcast. In contrast to my rambling weekly talk-show format, these are concise topics that will average about 10-minutes. I’m using the Shortcut Blogging method. I hope you find them useful. Please let me know.

A full transcript follows…

Our first Soundbite is a lesson in how to set an ad budget

Chris: Welcome to Branding Blog SoundBites, we’re with Dave Young from and a Wizard of Ads Partner.

Dave: Hi, Chris.

Chris: How are you doing?
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BrandingBlog Radio: Generosity as a Business Strategy

This week, I’m riffing on the subject of generosity and how it can effect Word of Mouth, employee attitude and community acceptance.

You’ll hear about Ding Dongs, moving from Typepad to WordPress, Safelite, Rooflife and more.